Here are twelve drones for every possible musical pitch you might need for practicing! A drone is simply one pitch held out constantly. Drones are extremely useful for practicing our intonation on the violin. Violins are unfretted instruments that require close listening to make sure we play in tune. Intonation = how in tune we are when we play notes. Having a drone playing while we play a scale or even sections of a piece is extremely helpful, because our ears can compare each note we play to the drone pitch and listen for clashing, which indicates that we're playing out of tune. When the clashing stops, we know we are playing in tune.

That being said, if your violin is not in tune, practicing this way doesn't work very well. We'll go over tuning in your lessons before I recommend that you practice with a drone.

To practice these with a scale, simply click the drone (example: if you're playing a D scale, you would select the D drone) so it starts to play and slowly play your scale, note by note, over the sound of the drone. Headphones are probably a good idea to make sure you are hearing the drone pitch over the sound of your violin.

Note: These can also be used for tuning!